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Video: King of the West 410 Sprints at Ocean Speedway

After this year’s IndyCar race at the deathbowl Fontana, fans and pundits were divided. Was this race too dangerous? Should IndyCar make changes to avoid similar “pack racing” in the future? As Robin Miller pointed out in his article “Danger with a capital D” for, the division followed obvious lines in the paddock:

The divided camps were easy to identify. Everybody with USAC roots and sprint car ties loved the action. "Winchester was always a pack race at 130mph on a half-mile," said Dane Carter, former driver and son of USAC legend Pancho. "That's what racing is all about," said Jeremy Milless, engineer for Newgarden and a former midget racer.

The power, speed, and required talent is just insane. It’s easy to see how this experience would shape a person’s perception and tolerance for danger. Several incidents resulted in cars flipping. Thankfully all the drivers were uninjured. What a show.