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Indycar Test

It was awesome to see Indycar back at Laguna Seca. A few random thoughts/notes from the test:

  • First time seeing the new chassis in person (I missed the last couple Sonama races). Great proportions and curves.
  • I forgot how loud these cars are, especially the Honda. While the turbos definitely remove some of the harshness, these sound like a proper racecar should.
  • The track was insanely green at first. Very sandy.
  • Times on the green track started out in the 1:16s, eventually dropping into the 1:14s.
  • A few guys were on it immediately… Pagenaud, Rossi, Veach, and Chilton in particular.
  • Marshall Pruett reported that drivers had gotten into the low to mid 1:12s by mid morning
  • It looked like cars were able to follow pretty well through turns 3-4-5-6. Hopefully that means we’ll see some overtaking come Fall.
  • By the end of the day, times were set in the low 11s ( Will we approach the 1:07.722 Champ Car lap record with warmer weather, rubbered in track, and Firestone Reds? We’ll see.

Indycar Test - Laguna Seca